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Today has been a wonderful experience.  It started with the foot massage (which was the first i ever had) and it was amazing! my feet felt so soft and well looked after.  The skin consultation lead me to buy a product.  I felt it was very tailored to my needs.  The sister listened to my problems with my akin and found solutions.  I absolutely loved the facial, it was relaxing and really helped me to unwind.  Everyone was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! JazakAllahu Khair  –  Sr Sainab Sharif

Today was a lovely day,  it was my first facial and pedicure and I can say it was an amazing & relaxing experience.  All the organic products that were used worked well with my face and i had a lovely glow afterwards.  The pedicure was also very nice and made me feel refreshed.  However, the best thing was the sisters.  They were absolutely amazing and friendly.  Very easy to talk to and so they made the whole process much more comfortable experience.  I would definitely do this again.  – Sr Assia Chakir

Alhumdhulillah everything was amazing.  I really enjoyed the facial and pedicure and the massage felt so nice.  Keep on doing what you are doing.  InshaAllah your business will be a success.  I love how everything was laid out for us to see and try.  The information given was very beneficial. – Sr Imaan

My first pedicure! such a wonderful and relaxing experience.   The facial was amazing.  The products used left my skin feeling gorgeously refreshed and glowing. – Sr Jannah

I loved it.  All the ladies were helpful.  This is my first time trying the treatmnets and i felt comfortable.  I would love to experience this again – Sr Nasra

Allahumma Barik It was lovely.  The ladies were so helpful and friendly.  My skin feels amazing.  The products are also very good – Sr Naima