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How it works

We have coupled our premium, award-winning product lines with professional facialists and beauticians to offer unique spa type experiences for women without the fuss of visiting one. Our services allow our beloved sisters to be mindful of their modesty while relaxing, rejuvenating and soaking up an oasis of goodness.

All our pamper party begins with warm greetings from our self-love advocates. Depending upon the type of service that you have chosen there may be one or more therapists on the day of your booking.  They will briefly explain to you about what to expect on the day and do their best to put you at ease straight away. They will also quickly jot down your likes, dislikes to ensure it is tailor-made to your needs on the day. Following that a quick yet thorough general/medical questionnaire will be done so as to ensure that all treatment conforms to health & safety rules.

The service then starts and you can just sit back and relax. You will be given plenty of opportunities to clarify any of your doubts during the course of the treatment. But if you prefer not to be disturbed, then feel free to drift into your own world as the magic happens.

Generally, for all services, we will carry some of our best selling products to display on the day. You will have the unique opportunity to browse and sample a small selection of finest products. You will also have a choice to purchase from a small selection of miniature and signature boxes on site or place your order with our team to be shipped to your home within 1-2 days.

Our treatments will usually conclude with lots of personalized advice so that you may treasure the moments and continue your journey to self-love, even after the experience has ended.